About Susan Buttery

Susan Buttery, the owner, has been in the hospitality business since 1994. She owned and operated a successful Cajun restaurant & bar in downtown Orlando from 1995-2010. When she sold her bar at the end of 2010, she took two years off to figure out what she wanted to do next.

Susan has always been athletic and healthy since a young age. Her mom taught her to always shop on the outer aisles at the grocery stores because there was only processed “garbage” in the middle aisles. When she went to FSU in 1989, she gave up fast food and all soda products. Over 30 years ago she was wondering where the fast-food places were getting all their meat to serve millions of people each year. She gave up red meat at that time and then in 1995 she discovered she was lactose intolerant, so she then gave up dairy. By 2009, she became an “aquatarian”, a term made up by herself. She eats some seafood but no dairy or any land animals.

2009 was also the year that she discovered juicing through a documentary called, The Gerson Miracle. She never drank anything with caffeine and when she discovered juicing, it gave her energy that she never felt before. Susan is a big proponent of “you are what you eat”. If you eat crappy foods, then you are going to feel crappy. Discovering home-juicing changed Susan’s mindset about getting back into the restaurant business.

She began looking for a small location for a juice bar and when the hair salon next door to Orlando Power Yoga was closing its doors, Susan jumped on the opportunity to take over the lease and opened Juice Bar in December 2012. For the past decade, Susan has enjoyed teaching her customers about the benefits of juicing and she loves guiding new customers into their juicing experience. Whether by explaining to them which foods helps with headaches, weight loss, stomach pains, and other ailments, Susan just loves sharing her juice experience and knows that by sharing her knowledge, she is spreading the word of a healthy lifestyle. Juice Bar is also environmentally conscious by using biodegradable cups, straws made from agave, and paper products, and we compost all our food waste. Susan loves to travel, surf, snowboard, dance, ride roller coasters and bikes. She is currently a board member for the Milk district Main street and aspires to be a local politician one day.