Made To Order Juices

  • You’re Kale-in It
    kale, orange, apple, lemon

  • Sassy Grassy
    mint, celery, cucumber, kale, spinach, apple

  • Gangsta Green
    ginger, lemon, kale, apple, cucumber

  • Green Lightning
    jalapeno, lemon, kale, apple, cucumber, orange

  • Captain Sunshine
    orange, apple, kiwi, pineapple

  • Namaste
    apple, carrot, ginger

  • El Sol
    celery, orange, apple, carrot

  • Dreamsicle
    sweet potato, yellow pepper, carrot, apple, orange

  • Sunrise
    celery, pineapple, carrot, orange, cucumber

  • Pineapple Express
    sweet potato, ginger, pineapple, apple, carrot

  • Juice Add-Ons
    -chia seeds
    -hemp protein

  • Beetlejuice
    beet, mint, ginger, celery, apple, carrot

  • Hale to the Beet Down
    beet, ginger, apple, orange, lemon, kale

  • Aloha
    beet, ginger, apple, cucumber pineapple

  • Spice of Life
    beet, carrot, apple, spinach, turmeric, orange

  • Kowabunga
    beet, cucumber, kiwi, carrot mint or ginger

  • Veg O Might
    beet, celery, spinach, yellow pepper, cilantro, carrot, sweet potato

  • Virus Killah
    beet, celery, cilantro, orange, garlic, carrot

  • Create your own– choose up to 5 apple, orange, kiwi, pineapple, lemon, lime, cucumber, sweet potato, spinach, kale, beet, carrot, celery, mint, ginger, turmeric, jalapeno, garlic, cilantro, yellow pepper,

  • Wellness Shots
    Mix and match ingredients with lemon

    ginger – digestion
    turmeric – inflammation
    jalapeno – metabolism
    garlic – immunity